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Open source software compiled for Windows systems

The 32-bit executable files (archive names ending with "...-win32.zip") of applications provided through the links on this page were compiled with the MinGW implementation of the gcc. These 32-bit executable files run normally on modern Windows 64-bit-systems. Some 64-bit executable files (archive names ending with "...-win64.zip") were created with the gcc compiler environment of the MinGW-w64-project with MSYS2. More MinGW-implementations of the gcc can be found on the web page winlibs.com.

All the compiled applications on this page are made available without any warranty. No support is provided for all compiled software. Information on problems, however, is always welcome.

Interpreters for scripting programming languages

Interpreters for the AWK programming language

Interpreter for the Lua scripting language

Lua is a scripting language which may be used e.g. for processing text files or for numeric calculations. The interpreter may be included as a library in applications, or Lua code may be executed by the stand-alone interpreter (lua.exe for Windows). The official description of the language can be found in the reference manual (html), The first edition of the textbook "Programming in Lua" is available online; a list of recent editions of this textbook by Roberto Ierusalimshy are available in print.

Tools for text processing

Database tools


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